How A Music Therapist With Four Jobs and $200K In Loans Does Money

In total I have $36K and $18K in private loans, owed to 2 different banks. It gets to the point when you’re like, “It probably makes more sense for me to pay my loans than to buy vegetables, because I don’t want to miss a payment and fall into a bad situation with my credit.” So I was eating a lot of ramen.

When Even Small Debts Pose Big Problems

The borrowers who are in the most trouble are the ones who took out the least.

Democrats And (Some) Republicans Agree: We Must Overhaul How We Pay For College

Contenders for the Democratic nomination have unveiled policies to help solve the problem of rapidly rising college costs. Though the plans differ in details, they agree in essentials.

The Life-Altering Decisions We Let 17-Year-Olds Make About Loans

“Sallie Mae can take care of it,” my high school guidance counselor told me. “Or the bank. You’ll get the loans you need and they you’ll pay them back. It’s not a big deal. Everyone does it.”

A Review of “Pay Off” by Shannon Young

For Young, paying her loans off quickly was her number one priority. I get that, but it seems extreme.

Sobering Loan, Debt, Savings News; Or, Janet is Yellen at Us Again

A $124,421 Student Debt Story

There are a lot of student loan stories out there, but what I particularly liked about Matlin’s story was how thoughtful he and his parents were about the debt. This isn’t a “I didn’t realize I would be graduating with a six-figure debt burden” story—Matlin and his parents made the calculations when he was a senior in high school, and Matlin considered going to a state school to save money before ultimately choosing Tufts as an early decision student.

Interview With a Person Who Paid Off $48,000 in Student Loans in Four Years

Marnie Gallowy! The Internets told me that last week—eight years after you graduated from our ol’ alma mater—that you paid off the last of your $48,000 in student loan debt. IS THAT TRUE? Are you a wizard?

Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: September 2013 Check-In

Thinking a lot about that credit card balance? Trying to save for that thing you want? Let’s throw some money at our problems.

Reader Mail: Dreams of a House, a New Car, and a Healthy Savings Account

I am officially done with grad school, and in the fall will begin life as an assistant professor in a large(ish) city in the southwest. My new goal is to buy a house, and I would like to know how I should start going about saving to do this?