Taxing the Childless

Not endorsed in the slightest: Slate columnist Reihan Salam argues that childless people should pay higher taxes than those with children.

A Conversation With an Artist/Nonprofit Worker About Her Money

Margaret: I'm 29, I work in the communications department at a nonprofit, and I live in Brooklyn/work in Manhattan.

Chatting With My Parents About How (And Why) They Paid For My College Education

When I was 18, my parents sent me 600 miles away to Northwestern University for a journalism degree worth nearly $200,000. Minus $50,000 in loans and grants, they paid for the whole thing out-of-pocket. I've never understood why. So I asked them.

How I Fell Out a Window and Into a Domestic Partnership

Michael Dempster broke his back one night when he sleepwalked out a window. To get on his girlfriend's health care plan, the couple decided to commit to a domestic partnership. This is his story.

You’re a Terrible Adult Because Your Parents Loved You Too Much

So much to think on in Lisa Miller’s New York piece on entitled versus ethical parenting, but here’s a bit that I would have underlined and circled and starred:

What parents are really telling children with their constant intervening is that there’s no way for them to succeed on their own, says Harold Koplewicz, a founder of the Child Mind Institute. “The message to the kid is, You aren’t good enough.” He compares these parents to “fixers,” who illicitly manipulate outcomes for their clients. In their effort to build their children’s success, parents may actually be short-circuiting their self-esteem, and stunting their self-efficacy, making them unable to tell the difference between the things they can accomplish in the world, with the application of hard work and native ability, and the things they cannot. Jason Stevens is somewhat blunter. A fixing parent can make a child, he says, “crippled. Or entitled. Or both.”

A Conversation with a Photographer Who Earns $50,000 a Year

Grant: I'm 28, live in Chicago, Ill. My fiancé and I just moved to a neighborhood called Logan Square last weekend. I am a photographer.

My Parents Gave Me Money, But They Also Gave Me Tools

Your parents can give you money, and teach you how to live responsibly. But you have to live your own life.

My Mother Stole My Car And Got Rid of It

"You’ll notice your car is not in the driveway," my mother said, as soon as my dad left.

Fancy Meals, Thanks to Mom and Dad

At Tablet, Jon Reiss discusses all the fancy restaurants he's eaten at thanks to his parents paying for dinner, and his desire to pay his own way as he hit his late twenties and started to find more success.

When My Parents Remodeled Their Living Room

Soon, the contractor and his team of workers were gone and what remained was a floor tiled with marbled porcelain, an entire wall outfitted with a mirror, a complex set of lighting equipment built into the ceiling, and a mirrored disco ball that slowly turned at the flip of a switch, spinning colored lights around the room.

A Conversation With a Single Mom Living on $40,000 a Year

Single Mom: I'm 42 years old, divorced, and a single mom of three elementary school-age kids. I work in the administration of a nonprofit. I live in a Maryland suburb of D.C.

I Went Home To Surprise My Parents For Their Wedding Anniversary And All I Got Was Free Dinner And Emotional Fulfillment

We surprised our parents. They bought us dinner.