Can You Make a Living in the Independent Comic World?

Nicholas Burgess is a 24-year-old artist and activist living in Queens, NY.

A Rift in the Occupy Movement

The Occupy movement found new life and direction in Occupy Sandy, gaining the approval of a lot of people who were formerly wary of the movement’s radicalism. While the Red Cross struggled to respond quickly, volunteers from Occupy Sandy immediately got into the trenches and raised $1.5 million in relief efforts. But Occupy Sandy—which worked with corporations like Home Depot and applied for government grants—has also caused an ideological rift in the movement.

The Rolling Jubilee Kicks Off

Last night’s Rolling Jubilee fundraising event was a success, raising enough money to abolish about $5.5 million worth of debt.

Not Everyone is Fond of the Rolling Jubilee

But there has been some criticism as well, or at least, some questions about what the Rolling Jubilee will actually be able to accomplish in the grand scheme of things (it won’t for example, actually get the banks to change any of their unfair lending practices).

May Day

Stay safe out there and godspeed.

Get Ready For Summer

This month’s Esquire features a fairly disheartening piece by Stephen Marche on the other war going on right now (THE INTERGENERATIONAL WAR). Marche does a really good job of articulating how screwed we all are