Ralph Hicks Bought and Saved an Independent Bookstore

Why buy a bookstore in small town Ontario?

Places I’ve Lived: Multiple Towns in North Ontario

Where have you lived, Jenny Potter?

How to Reduce the Fine on a $450 Parking Ticket

When the meeting is over, I return to move my car (there’s a one-hour parking limit, of course), and see two gigantic disability signs on both sides of my car, pointing directly to it. I’m screwed—there’s a ticket on my windshield.

Places I’ve Lived: Open Concept Dorm, A Boyfriend’s House, and Screaming Neighbors

The first place I lived that wasn’t my parents’ home was an on-campus residence at Durham College. The first suite I was put in was open concept, which meant there was a 1.5-meter high by 1.5-meter wide dividing wall between two beds.