The Burrower, Part II

With your sleeping bag, travel-sized pillow and airplane blankets, you now have a bedroom that can be assembled in less than five minutes and stored away in your bottom desk drawer.

The Burrower: Part I

The days that you begin to relax are the days when you get caught, but not in the way you had feared, because nobody has the imagination to assume you’re a squatter.

Austin Kleon on Keeping Your Day Job

Writer and internet person Austin Kleon holds regular office hours over on his blog, and today someone wrote in to ask him for advice about balancing paying the bills and doing creative work.

Open Thread

The other day I had an idea called “office hours.” One of the most useful things I took advantage of while I was in college was signing up for office hours to meet with various professors. I thought, hey, maybe people would like to sign up to meet with Logan and me to talk about, well, whatever they want to talk about.