The Things We Did to Fund Our Honeymoon

After a lot of deliberation, we decided to break the cycle of "we'll do it one day." We could go on our honeymoon. We just had to be creative about it.

Working Odd Jobs, But By Choice

Faced with a dire economy and an unstable job market, America's young people haven't just wallowed in self-pity and thrown their hands up in despair. They've gotten creative. They've adapted and evolved, creating their own jobs and doing whatever it takes to make a buck or two, and at the very least, pay the rent.

Part-Time Wizard

Wizards, they exist.

What It’s Like to Work as a Professional Frozen Food Taster

Matthew is a 24-year-old freelance illustrator and a former professional "sensory panelist" for a frozen foods company. We recently talked about his experience eating french fries and other frozen fried foods for four hours a day, three days a week over the course of eight months. "I'd come home with huge blisters in my mouth from the salt," Matthew said. He earned $4,200.

Earning a Living as a Cannabis Baker

Emily Fleischaker talked to a woman who earns a living by baking marijuana infused baked goods for medical marijuana clubs.

Odd Jobs I’ve Considered to Subsidize My Freelance Career

Since December, when I graduated from journalism school, I have been working as a "freelance journalist." I’ve gotten some financial help from a very generous grandmother, but as I move from Girls-hood to womanhood, the task of making a salary’s worth out of cobbled-together bits of change has morphed into a giant, cackling raincloud that follows me everywhere I go. Unfortunately, I do not have an umbrella. Forthwith, some of the more random side jobs I’ve applied for in recent weeks.

One Dad’s Early Work

Roseanne Cash's essay about growing up in Tennessee, and leaving, and coming back, and leaving again is really lovely.

Who Makes Those Karaoke Tracks?

Dan Kois answers the question, I wonder whose job it is to make all those karaoke tracks for karaoke bars.