How a Woman Working for the New York City Government Does Money

My parents were immigrants and they worked very hard, like 12+ hour days, on less than minimum wage, so I know first-hand how important the value of money is. That’s why I don’t live extravagantly and always live within my means.

Interning in the Summer With My Sister

We spent several minutes on the phone gushing about how happy we were and how great this was going to be, and then I asked my sister where she was planning on staying.

“I thought I’d stay with you!” she said cheerily.

More Than 88,000 People Apply for 55 Affordable Apartments in “Poor Door” Building

Each potential applicant has an approximate 0.06 percent chance of getting one of these affordable apartments.

How ‘Cosmo’ Staff Writer Anna Breslaw Does Money

“They talk about “creativity” and “earning money” as if it’s a binary, when actually there’s a lot of crossover there. I didn’t grow up with a lot of money, and I knew if I was going to do this for a living I wasn’t gonna burn screenplays to survive in my squatter apartment.”

The Cost of Vacation, Part 4: NYC

So how much did I spend to travel to The Billfold Live? Let’s add up the numbers.

How a Person Who Recently Transitioned Careers Does Money

I quit a pretty well-paying job in marketing at the end of April, kind of on a whim. I had about a year’s worth of money saved up when I did that.

How a Non-Profit Attorney Who Provides Legal Services to Low-Income NYC Residents Does Money

I’m a first year attorney at a non-profit legal services organization, in New York.

At 22, Being a Starving Actor Was Romantic, But at 26, It’s Getting Old

When I first moved to New York City in pursuit of artistic aspirations, being a “starving actor” was sort of a romantic idea. There can be a sense of camaraderie between fellow struggling artists. It can be fun to playfully bemoan being too broke to go out to dinner when you’re a super hip wannabe actor in a glamorous city. PBR is trendy and everyone partakes in dollar pizza on the regular. But what’s cute when you’re 22 is less cute (or not cute at all) when you’re 26. Lessons need to be learned. At what point has being a “starving actor” jumped the shark?

Every City Gets The Cat Cafe It Deserves

I do not personally appreciate cats or cat-based agendas, but I do support a person’s right to perch on a cafe chair sipping a pun-based coffee drink, surrounded by adoptable pets. And yes, the four-day Purina ONE Cat Cafe™ will be populated by pre-screened orphan cats from the North Shore Animal League. The 16 cats have been “evaluated behaviorally, medically and socially” and are ready to go home with whomever is so moved.

Help, My Freezer Doesn’t Work. Also It Is Not a Freezer

I want to make sure you guys all have front row seats to the latest saga of great banality between me and my landlord. This time, it involves a household appliance!

Our refrigerator (pictured) is not so much a refrigerator as it is a tiny vintage collectible that belongs in a museum and not in someone’s kitchen. We knew this when we moved in, our broker mentioned something about us demanding a new fridge but that we might have to pay for it, so we shrugged our shoulders and, dealing with a million other move-in stresses, told ourselves it would be fine.