Why Have Housing When You Can Have Micro-Housing

This seems to be where we are headed, those of us living in urban areas—all the way through to our senior years.

Do “Geniuses” Handle Money Better Than The Rest Of Us?

None of these grantees receives his or her award for being good with money — though perhaps the fact that so many of them have made it to mid-life without trust funds and without giving up speaks for itself.

Every Comment On Parental Leave Articles

“Parents are always using their children to get advantages.”

Why Is Investing So Complicated?

An economist in the New York Times admits something most of us have suspected for years: investing your money is unnecessarily complex and off-putting.

How Not To Do Couchsurfing

‘I’m downsizing my life and giving up all my possessions to focus on experiences and friendships.’

Troubled By Wealth Inequality and By Our Own Futures

My mode of operation has always been to be worried.

Pretty Sure I Deserve A “Wife Bonus”

“Access to your husband’s money might feel good. But it can’t buy you the power you get by being the one who earns.”

How Our Childhood County Affects Our Future Incomes

According to new data put out by the NYT’s The Upshot, kids who grow up in my home county (Lewis County) in families with average incomes end up making 8 percent more than their peers, nationwide.

Job Of The Day: Fake Celebrity

Want to get the celebrity treatment? Here’s a job for you: go to rural China and let a real-estate developer present you as one of the famous models or actors who just happen to enjoy hanging around this brand-new property.

The Business of Sitting on Airplanes

There is an option, sometimes, like on an airline like Delta, where you can buy “trip extras” in advance. I always buy the Wi-Fi passes ahead of time because they’re $16, rather than $34 if you’re buying them during your flight. For $15, you can buy a “priority boarding” pass, which allows you to be one of the first passengers on the plane, giving you early access to the overhead bins and allowing you ample time to get comfortable in your seat.