New York on $70 a Week

Think about the cost of living where you live. Think about what you actually need, financially, to live on. The bare minimum. Does it sound like $70 a week? Probably not. But I’ve done it three times—in New York City.

Day Trips Back to NYC

The round-trip ticket from Albany-Rensselaer to New York-Penn cost $84, which is too much for what is, essentially, a commuter rail with only marginally cleaner bathrooms and more comfortable seats. I left on a Friday after work on the 4:10 and arrived in New York around seven. At Penn Station I bought a $10 Metrocard and took the 1 train to Times Square where I transferred to the N or the Q or the R, none of which were running normally, and then walked the four or five blocks to our hotel, where my fiancé was staying on business.

Places I’ve Lived: Paris, St. Louis, NYC

Airbnb: Bad For New York, Great For Me

I guess like most things in this new disrupted world of ours, I think Airbnb is bad for New York, but when family is in town and needs a place to stay, that’s exactly where I send them. On her last visit, my mom stayed in a place one block from us for $60/night.

Welcome to NYC! Please Enter Through the Poor Door.

How a Professional Stage Actor Does Money

Chet is a 30-something professional actor from British Columbia.

Food Lines Around the Holidays

The Triple-Mint House

I can’t stop looking at the photos of this $30 million apartment.

Places I’ve Lived: Oberlin, Crafty Mice, and a Revolving Door of Roommates

It seems like all of the places I’ve lived, to a certain degree, have been about a combination of making the space my own and trying not to care about what people think, while I work on carving out a life that I believe in and actually only needs to feel good to me.

Feeling Stir Crazy?

“I don’t need to buy anything,” a shopper said. “I just felt like I was going stir crazy staying inside. Maybe spending money will help the local economy?”