What Do We Want to Spend More Money on in 2015?

We are what we repeatedly buy, right? (That’s totally what Aristotle said. Everyone else translated the Greek incorrectly.) So what do we want to spend more money on this year? How do we actually want to use our hard-earned dollars?

Happy New Year! Here Are Some Pointless Or Obvious Savings Tips!

Save $200 over the year! Awesome! Except the Nest programmable thermostat costs $250.

The Cost of One Resolution, Halfway Through the Year

I made the mistake of revisiting my New Year “action Items” the other day. Since we’re almost halfway through the year, I thought it was a good idea to check my progress on the goals I had made for 2014. Nestled in between “lose all the weight I gained from emotionally eating my way through a job that made me cry every day before work” and “floss every day” was this: Have one friend, couple, or group of friends over for dinner once a month.

How to Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolution