FYI: Caviar Is Cool Again

caviar is on the RISE. Businessweek reports that “American Caviar No Longer Draws Sneers.” Before I read this I am not sure how I would have guessed caviar was begotten. Did someone chase around a pregnant fish holding a butterfly net with very fine mesh? Maybe in the Caspian Sea, but wild caviar fishing has been banned there since 2005. This is America though, and we are farming caviar now. It is a very expensive enterprise but has increased supply so much that the price of caviar per pound has been cut in half. PARTY TIME. For us, not these poor lady fish:

All My Grownup Jobs And How I Actually Got Them

Plenty of people have very practical advice about how to get a job or break into an industry, but when I look back on work in my 20’s, I see mostly dumb luck, good timing, and knowing the right people. Sharing how I’ve gotten work so far may not be helpful or encouraging, but it is true, and true is a good place to start from.

Here is my no-bullshit job history:

Travel the World By Not Paying Rent

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend the majority of my twenties traveling across five continents and temporarily living in some of the most exciting cities on earth: London, Los Angeles, and New York City—with long stints in Paraguay and Belize. I’ve been able to afford this, not because of a trust fund, but because I rarely have to pay rent.