My Last Hundred Bucks: Air, Power, Berries

Where’d your last hundred bucks go, Katherine Coplen?

$2, in quarters, air. For filling up my chronically-low car tires. I feel very proud of myself after this (My 1 Thing) and buy myself a Diet Coke, too.

$1, in quarters, air. For filling up my spare tire after walking into the parking lot and discovering a flat the next morning. I shake my fist at the tire gods. Don’t they know I filled them yesterday morning?!

My Last Hundred Bucks: Drug Store Spending Doesn’t Count Basically

Where'd your last hundo go, Ryan O'Connell?

My Last Hundred Bucks: Things to Drink, Things to Eat, And Things to Wear on My Feet

Where did your last hundo bucks go, Lauren Kelly?

My Last Hundred Bucks: Pancake Props, Rainy Day Pizza, Dog Stuff

Where'd you spend your last hundo, Allegra Ringo?

My Last Hundred Bucks: Even the Whiskey Was Medicinal

$100! It is a lot of money, and yet, it is also not a lot of money at all. What happened to your last hundo, Sara Noel?