The Cost of a Solo Trip to Montreal

I chose Montreal because I could get there by train: the trip is scenic in its own right, winding up through the Hudson Valley and traveling parallel to Lake Champlain.

WWYD: The Envelope Full of Cash

You find an envelop full of cash on the floor of a bar. What would you do with it?

Searching for a Dream Apartment But Finding Only Nightmares

Where have you lived, Zoe Daniels?

I Want to Travel the World for Cheap, So I Started With Montreal (Success)

"Tired of putting off adventures, I decided to take the solo budget travel plunge. I settled on Montreal for my first run over Columbus Day weekend. "

Places I’ve Lived: McGill, South Korea, the Last Stop on the Train

I met my roommate Ellen on move-in day. We were a perfect match according to our student info sheets: same extracurricular activities, part-time job, and hobbies.

Zen and the Art of DIY Banjo Maintenance

Search Yelp: “music store Montreal.” Do extensive Googling to suss out exactly what a “light” banjo string is. Watch three or four YouTube walkthroughs of dadly-looking guys with nicer banjos than yours restringing them.