The Prettiest Place in Monopoly

Scouting New York, a blog run by Nick Carr, a guy who scouts New York locations for movie sets, has a really fun post looking at what the properties in the Monopoly game actually look like. As it turns out, a lot of them have been built over by developers for casinos and resorts, but Marvin Gardens remains the most pleasing to the eye.

Who Will Bail the Iron Out? (But More Importantly, The Post Office?)

The more important news of the morning is that USPS is ending its Saturday mail service, which saddens me greatly.

Which Monopoly Token Will Go?

Monopoly, the game of where you use cunning, deceit and backdoor deals to ruin your competitors and win all the moneys, will be retiring one of its eight tokens.

Monopoly Before It Was Monopoly

I really enjoyed this piece by Christopher Ketcham in Harper’s about the origins of the Monopoly board game, specifically, it’s iteration as The Landlord’s Game before it became a game about owning all the property and leaving your competitors penniless.

Rich People’s Feelings

Does having more money make you more likely to be a jerk?