How To Buy A Dining Room Table In 24 Easy Steps

1) You don’t need a dining room table. You don’t have a dining room. You have some space in your living area that you use for eating, and the table you have right now is fine, thanks.

2) Anyway, you hate buying furniture.

3) Admittedly your sister-in-law walked into your apartment for the first time and said, “Hey! Once you get some real furniture in here, I think this will be nice!”

4) But what is “real furniture”? For years you used a dresser that your husband’s ex-stepmother found in a field on the side of the New Jersey Turnpike. For years you slept on a futon frame you and your then-boyfriend found on 2nd Avenue and carried upstairs. It was broken, half of it sloped, so you and your then-boyfriend slept curled up like a quotation mark on one half of the bed.

5) Isn’t that kind of romantic?

6) This was before you’d heard about bedbugs.

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