A True Professional Would Sleep In the Car

Continuing the discussion of microhousing, living close to the office to accommodate the endless workday, and gentrifying behaviors that are unavailable to people who are actually homeless.

Are We Yuppies? Are People Still Using That Word?: A Friday Chat

“I believe the new word for ‘yuppie’ is ‘Millennial.'”

Too Many Millennial Dads Are Hypocrites. But There’s Hope.

Let us all swoon over Anne-Marie Slaughter’s husband.

Sympathy For The Devil, i.e. Lydia Bennet And Amy March: A Friday Chat

NICOLE: Team Amy.
ESTER: There is no Team Amy, take it back right now.

This Week, in Millennials: What Ambition Means To Us

“What got the top vote as ‘most important’ factor from the Millennials? ‘Meaningful work’ was listed more often than six other factors, including high pay.”

What Jobs Will Exist for Millennials?

The world of work is changing for millennials.

What World Will Millennials Make?

What happened to the family?

Twenty Percent of Millennial Parents Live in Poverty

A new study from Young Invincibles has some unexpected and surprising news about Millennial parents: 20 percent of Millennial parents live in poverty, and Millennial parents have the highest poverty rates of any parents in the past 25 years.

Let’s Talk About Philanthropy

I feel like philanthropy is something that is missing in most budgeting discussions aimed at millennials (me being one of said millennials, here). I’m biased because I work in fundraising at a nonprofit … BUT I also care deeply about making personal charitable contributions. I just wish more people were asking my generation to give back, because we can. Even when we were broke, we could, and now that a recovery is starting to peep out from the muck, it should become as intrinsic to our budget as Netflix.

Lay Off Millennials OK? We’re Saving As Fast As We Can

“Most millennials are saving SOMETHING.”