Meet John Munson, a Man Behind the Man Behind @GSElevator

Those who watch Twitter from a certain, occasionally perplexed vantage point took note recently as a long-running mystery was solved. John LeFevre, a former bond trader living in Texas, “was exposed” as the creator of @GSElevator (Goldman Sachs Elevator Gossip). The account passed along supposedly overheard sour nothings (more braggadocio and bon mots than actual gossip) straight from the black heart of America’s favorite financial institution to 647,000 followers. According to Dealbook’s Andrew Ross Sorkin, the identity of the gossip monger became the subject of a Wall Street “parlor game”: just who was GSElevator, and why would he risk his no-doubt lucrative career by sharing co-workers’s private (if insensitive) musings?

The Michael McGrath Holiday Newsletter

Happy Holidays to family, friends, Missed Connections and temp agency administrators.

What It’s Like to Start a Nonprofit: A Conversation with “Words After War’s” Mike Mcgrath

MM: Words After War is an emerging non-profit organization dedicated to providing high-quality literary programming for veterans, their families and civilian supporters. We currently run one workshop out of Mellow Pages Library in Brooklyn, led by Matt Gallagher, a veteran and the author of the Iraq war memoir Kaboom.

Not a Winner This Time, Try Again

Another frequent customer, a sweet, batty and embattled middle-aged woman, plays a few days a week.

Is There a Wrong Way to Make Money Writing? Is There a Right Way to Go Broke Writing?

Over the years it has been beaten into me that it is unequivocally better to have no publication credits than it is to publish something on your own.

Homers and Purple Squirrels

You mean, careercriminal?

Places I’ve Lived: “Living Alone Encourages Bad Habits and Interrogations”

Chung’s Dorm, Groton, Mass., (Room and board)
I was the last resident to move into this slim triple at the end of the downstairs hall, so I got the top bunk and the awkward desk. The phone was right outside our room. I tried to avoid it, as there was not much good news to report.

Save on Heating and Cooling Costs with Thermostats and YOU

Thermostats and you are a money-saving dream team.

Talking About Talking and Writing About Money, With Benjamin Anastas

Michael McGrath talks with author Benjamin Anastas about his new memoir.

Reasonable Purchases That Would Probably Trigger a Fraud Alert From My Bank

• Wine stopper