How I Fell Out a Window and Into a Domestic Partnership

Michael Dempster broke his back one night when he sleepwalked out a window. To get on his girlfriend’s health care plan, the couple decided to commit to a domestic partnership. This is his story.

The Costs of Not Dying From Rabies

On Sept. 22, I collided with a bat while riding my bike near Montauk, N.Y. a little after 7 p.m. I’m talking about the winged mammal (I’ve had to specify this often. Is hooliganism on the rise?). It passed over my left hand and slapped my bare skin, just above my tank top’s neckline, and whipped around, likely stunned, or pinned by wind before falling to the pavement. So far, the cost of this incident totals over $16,600. Bills are still coming in.