Are You a Better Worker When It’s Awful Outside?

Do you find yourself more productive on days when the weather is awful (like today, in this city, where there is freezing rain and falling icicles and awnings)? Bloomberg Businessweek says the answer is likely yes because we’re more focused and less distracted about what we could be doing outside of work. One thing that may distract us though: mice. The article notes that mouse trap sales increase “by 25 percent for every one-degree drop in temperature” as critters take refuge from the cold and hide in our homes.

The Cost of a Mouse Infestation

When mice invade your home, you have to pull out the really heavy books.

Places I’ve Lived: Power Crystals, Mice, and the Unknown World

After my sophomore year of college, I drove up to Portland to spend the summer in the house where my boyfriend was already living with three roommates. It was the first time I lived anywhere but my parents’ house or the dorms, and I was ecstatic.