Inside ‘The Scratching Pad,’ a Cat Shelter Run Out of One Man’s Apartment

If you’re a New Yorker with a beating heart, you probably remember the subway kittens that shut down the MTA last summer in the most adorable way possible. If you’re a cat lady like me (which oh praise is now a badge of honor, thanks New York Times), then you might already know Steven Liu, the guy behind the Scratching Pad, who took in the tiny bandits and fostered them through their eventual adoption. In July of last year, Steve found a duplex apartment in Bushwick, moved in with two roommates, and started taking in cats—current total eight.

Christmas Alone

I remember my first winter in New York and seeing those tree mongers, walking through their darkly columned corridors heavy with what can only be called Christmas Tree Smell and realizing that I had really arrived, really lived both in New York and in the province of adult loneliness.

My New Kitten Ate My Bank Account

My kitten ate my bank account.

The Year I Learned What Things Really Cost

This year was my attempt to work toward soothing the gut-clutching financial guilt.

Four Ladies Went to Atlantic City and This is What They Spent

-$27: Round-trip bus ticket (per person) from New York to Atlantic City. It's unclear how we ended up on this bus. We have never gambled. We have an unspoken three drink maximum and a communal bedtime of 11:00 p.m. I think it might have been my idea.

Ralph Hicks Bought and Saved an Independent Bookstore

Why buy a bookstore in small town Ontario?

My Last Hundred Bucks: Valentine’s Day Is For Jerks

How'd you spend your last hundo, Meghan Nesmith?

On Being Rich

In the world of young boys with entire hockey teams at their disposal, I was hilariously, bewilderingly, on the "poor" end of the economic spectrum. Both my parents worked full-time: my dad as a lawyer, my mom as a civil servant. We didn’t have things. My parents prioritized education and family: private schools and rental cottages on the ocean where my relatives could stay. It took me a long time to put together that those things cost money, and that we were ineffably lucky to have them. Not until I got to college – a New England liberal arts college, at that – did I realize my family was rich.

Why Women Should Watch The Good Wife

Why The Good Wife is a Good Show.

Is Sephora a Dream or Our National Nightmare?

I asked many intelligent women and a few men about their experiences at Sephora. There were some strong reactions.

A Conversation About Power, Sex, and Money

A discussion: What is it that happens with money in relationships? I’ve seen it with my parents, with friends: with the exception of infidelity, no one thing has wrenched apart more couples than money, and the value judgments, petty arguments, and power struggles that come with it.