Several People Are Typing

If you work remotely, with the rest of your coworkers in another state, unless you insist on video chats every week, you could go for months without hearing another coworker’s voice.

It’s My Job And I’ll Cry If I Want To

There are a great many places to cry in this world, but I don’t think your desk is one of them.

What I’d Spend My Money On If I Quit Smoking Cigarettes

On days when I think about quitting, there are a lot of things I know that money could buy.

Try Out a New Life By Going on Vacation

Each planned vacation I’ve taken in the past year or so has also felt like an effective way of trying out a new life.

Looking For Work When You Already Have Work

There’s a tricky art to looking for another job while deep in the trenches of your current one.

On Being the Only ‘One’ at Work

Being the only person of color in the workplace is a sensation that’s hard to describe.

The Shallow Culture of Co-Working Spaces

Everyone is nice, but no one really talks. We all move like silent worker ghosts, quietly muttering “excuse me” when we bump into each other in the kitchen.

Figuring Out How to Help When Your Parents are Helpless

Normally, we don’t talk about work. Our conversations are limited mostly to mutual complaints and pointed inquiries as to whether or not any of my other sisters are in the room to talk on the phone as well. This visit, things were different.

How Much Should You Spend on a Wedding Gift?

I am an excellent wedding guest. But, I am very, very bad at wedding presents.

The Cost Of a Bachelor Party in New Orleans

When I was invited to a dear friend from college’s bachelor party in New Orleans—a six day affair over Memorial Day weekend—I said yes without thinking, scouring for a $300 ticket and quickly Venmo’ing $200 for an Airbnb.