McDonald’s, Like Target and Walmart, Raises Its Minimum Wage

McDonald's is announcing plans to raise its minimum wage to "an average of $9.90 an hour."

This Week in Food: Couture Pops, Customizable McDonalds Hamburgers, and More

Get your couture pop in various celebrity-themed designs, including Hello Kitty, The Pussycat Dolls, Mel B (I knew the Spice Girls would be involved somewhere), and Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

How We Talk About Low-Wage Workers

Sarah Jaffe has an opinion piece in The Washington Post about the way the labor strikes has been covered in the media—often not at all, or placing emphasis on poor, low-wage workers as "some exotic Other rather than our neighbors, our family members and ourselves."

Will Breakfast Sandwiches Save The Day?

Is a McMuffin a better value than a Big Mac?

Cheap Date Not So Cheap

Deutsche Bank has created a Cheap Date Index (okay sure, rolling with it), wherein they measure the cost of burgers and a movie in different cities across the world. Included in the cost are cab rides, McDonald's burgers (the great international unifier, apparently), soft drinks, two movie tickets, and 'a couple of beers.' NBC News is on it:

Olympics Commercials, Ranked

I watched some ads.

McDonald’s Tells Workers to Put Mustard, Mayo, and Ketchup on Workplace Injuries

In the "almost too ludicrous to be true and yet completely believable" category: McDonald's, who is still in the process of suing the City of Seattle so it will be able to put off paying workers $15 an hour for a few more years, is now in the public attention for a new rash of health and safety complaints.

Stand-Out College Essays About Money

When one reads the stand-out college essays about money printed in the New York Times, one has the overwhelming feeling that every one of these applicants better get into the college of his or her choice. If there is any justice in the world, admissions officers at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and — interesting outlier here — Butler University will recognize how much talent is in front of them in the form of four very thoughtful seniors willing to engage with fraught subjects ranging from masculinity to homelessness, thrift store shopping to working part time at McDonald’s:

I felt guilty for thinking the life that I was living and the things I had weren’t enough and began to realize just how lucky I really am. I was born on third base in life, and most of the people I’ve met at McDonald’s are starting at home plate with two strikes and have very little chance of scoring a run in life, let alone winning the game. I understand now that for many, it is hard enough just to survive, let alone save up for an education that costs tens of thousands of dollars per year. … In life, it is really easy to get caught up in your own bubble and never really look outside of it. My time at McDonald’s has made me see the world in a completely different way.

My favorite is the controlled fire of Viviana Andazola Marquez.

Elderly Patrons Allowed to Stay at McDonald’s Except During Lunch

Basically, the group is free to meet and stay to socialize as long as they want, but not during the busy lunch hours.