My Year in Parenting Expenses

Last year my husband wrote an app for us to track our expenses. (This is what he does for fun. I go out to eat for fun. We are like the odd couple over here.) I decided to sit down and try and crunch some numbers and figure out just how much dough these two little whippersnappers cost me.

What We Give Up to Live in the San Francisco Bay Area

Let’s start with this: San Francisco was just named the second-most expensive place to rent by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, beating out New York City. Just pause and reread that sentence one more time—here, I’ll help: beating out New York City. (Honolulu was No. 1.)

What It’s Like to Be a Personal Assistant for the Rich and Famous, Part II

Last month we talked to Lisa, a longtime personal assistant who currently works for, among others, a Very Famous Writer.

What It’s Like to Be a Personal Assistant for the Rich and Famous

She’s also the personal assistant for, among other clients, a Very Famous Literary Personage. Personal assistants of Lisa’s experience make $80-$125K annually, plus health, retirement and bonuses, but those positions are hard to come by.

My Last Hundred Bucks: Budapest Edition

Hungary is a place where fois gras is cheap, but flip-flops are expensive.