Customize Your Shoes for Cheap by Completely Ruining Them

If your shoes have holes in them, they need not be trash. You can fix them. I can help.

The Chairman of the Board of Matt Powers Reports to Investors

Looking at the second fiscal quarter of 2012 for Matt Powers.

Spend More Money with Your Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Life without gluten is not all fun and games.

How To Beat Vegas (With $2.26)

The four of us didn't even plan out our Vegas heist—it just spawned naturally in the company of a few broke twenty somethings, gaining momentum at every cost-saving measure.

I Went Home To Surprise My Parents For Their Wedding Anniversary And All I Got Was Free Dinner And Emotional Fulfillment

We surprised our parents. They bought us dinner.

The American Express Customer Service Representative Who Loved Me

Matt Powers is flattered, but not swayed, by American Express' advances.

The Almost Free Cruise That Almost Was

Last night I got a phone call from an unknown phone number, and because I had 45 minutes before my friend's storytelling show started, I picked up. An automated voice welcomed me to a political survey. I was about to hang up when the computerized man voice sweetened the deal: "If you answer our 30-second survey, you will receive a free two-night, three-day cruise to the Bahamas courtesy of Caribbean Cruise Lines."

It’s Time To Monetize This Relationship

While dating may engender feelings of self-worth, emotional stability and existential meaning, everyone has, at one time or another, looked at their relationship and asked: How do I make some money off of this?