What’s Your Fantasy?

No really what is your fantasy I must know.

WARNING: Incorrect Business Cards Circulating! Title Should Read “Editorial Sheriff”

I received my new business cards yesterday.

I’d Like to Give You Money for Your Product, But First Here Are Some Tips

Couple of curious things about this packaging.

Very Specific Reasons to Buy and Eat Dessert

Matt Powers was at my house recently, and I played market researcher and asked him about dessert.

How to Go to Brunch With Friends And Only Order Coffee And Not Make Anyone Uncomfortable

Why Is a Candy Bar More Expensive in Manhattan? (Some Theories)

Candy bar at the bodega near my house in Brooklyn: $1. Candy bar at the bodega near my office in Midtown Manhattan: $1.25.

So Like Do You Want a Cookie For That Or What

I Once Made Calls With Gusto, Now I Unhappily Make Them With The Gusto II

Matt Powers is maybe a luddite but maybe is not.

What It Feels Like to Lend Money to a Friend

So Matt what I actually want to know is, do you feel like our friendship is equal?

Rabies Made Me The Socialist I Am Today

I tried out universal healthcare and it worked great!!1