What’s Your Fantasy?

No really what is your fantasy I must know.

Very Specific Reasons to Buy and Eat Dessert

Matt Powers was at my house recently, and I played market researcher and asked him about dessert.

So Like Do You Want a Cookie For That Or What

If you read one thing about a cookie company using social media to pimp its brand and the stupid buzz it’s been getting for it—and I totally get if you want to read no things about it, but bear with me, this is actually good—let it be Matt Powers Breaking It All Down: “One could say [COOKIE COMPANY] was just having a little fun with it,’ but I think this overlooks the paradigm-shifting nature of advertising in social media. The more ‘fun’ they appear to be having, the more dangerous it is. Your friends have fun. Corporations have bottom lines.”


WARNING: Incorrect Business Cards Circulating! Title Should Read “Editorial Sheriff”

I received my new business cards yesterday.

How to Go to Brunch With Friends And Only Order Coffee And Not Make Anyone Uncomfortable

DO Say you’re fasting, because of god

Say you ate breakfast and you plan to eat lunch, so brunch just doesn’t make sense for your lifestyle

Say you never consume food with people you hate

Start downing those little splenda packets until everyone gets too weirded out to say anything to you

Explain that you are actually drinking a complete Irish breakfast, complete with a side order of hash browns, liquified and put in a coffee mug at your request

Declare your table a sovereign nation and claim diplomatic immunity from brunch as foreign emissary brokering a peace treaty with this mug of coffee

Say you have a stomach bug


DON’T Say you can’t afford more—what are you a monster

I Once Made Calls With Gusto, Now I Unhappily Make Them With The Gusto II

Matt Powers is maybe a luddite but maybe is not.

I’d Like to Give You Money for Your Product, But First Here Are Some Tips

Couple of curious things about this packaging.

Why Is a Candy Bar More Expensive in Manhattan? (Some Theories)

Candy bar at the bodega near my house in Brooklyn: $1. Candy bar at the bodega near my office in Midtown Manhattan: $1.25.

What It Feels Like to Lend Money to a Friend

So Matt what I actually want to know is, do you feel like our friendship is equal?