A Reminder That Fees Can Cripple Your Retirement

From Matthew O’Brien at The Atlantic, a reminder that index funds are superior to fee-laden actively managed mutual funds when it comes to saving for retirement.

Lottery Players Think Myopically

Every month, Nautilus publishes essays, investigative stories, and works of fiction about science and chooses a theme. The theme for August is: “The Unlikely,” stories about understanding our odds and probabilities. Today, Adam Piore examines the sociology behind why we play the lottery, though if you’re looking to figure out whether or not you should play the lottery, see our story in May by Matt Levine.

Should You Play The Lottery?

To decide if you should play the lottery you need to compare the (tiny) chance of winning a giant amount of money, on the one hand, with a dollar, on the other. The simple way to do this is to assume that a one in a million chance of winning a million dollars is “worth” the same as a dollar. But, why?

Don’t Ask a Banker for Stock Tips

Billfold pal Matt Levine’s new “Ask A Banker” column is up at Planet Money.

Matt Levine on Investment Bankers

Matt Levine’s most recent “Ask a Banker” column for Planet Money is one of the best things to read right now, and I’m kiiiiind of jealous we couldn’t snap him up to do a column for us.

Derivatives Are Complicated, Unnecessary to Know About


How Dealbreaker’s Matt Levine Does Money

We all do money differently. How do you do money, Matt Levine, Dealbreaker editor?