The Marriage ‘Cure’

Statistics have long shown that if you're married, the likelihood of you living below the poverty line is much lower. The unfairness of this correlation annoys me, as well as the deceptively simplified way it's often presented, wrung into prescriptive "marriage promotion" campaigns that bemoan kids being born out of wedlock and so on.

How a 26-Year-Old Singaporean Does Money

Jillian Wong, is a 26-year-old Singaporean who works for a design website. Not too long ago, she visited New York and asked to meet with me so we could talk about the culture of money in Singapore.

You Put a Ring On It, Good Job, Great Job

Meaghan O’Connell, recently engaged person, wrote a thing on her tumblr about what it’s like to be continually congratulated for “making a conventional decision people almost automatically support.” She’s not making fun of people congratulating her, by the way. She’s very grateful. But also, it’s very nice to read about someone recently engaged in one of the most Exciting Things That Can Happen to a Person In Our Modern World be so real about it (“We didn’t get married yet. We made a decision! We had several difficult conversations over the course of a few years!”) Also good background information is that she very recently quit a very good job to Do Her Own Thing And Find Her Own Way, so FYI, Meaghan, if I see you and congratulate you, that is what I’m talking about okay.

Getting Married, But Without the Wedding

We got married in a judge's private office on a Friday afternoon. Besides my husband, the only other people present were my sister, and three close friends. I told my parents a week before we got married what our plans were, and they asked, "Why so quickly? What's the hurry?" It wasn't quick or sudden for us; we'd been talking about getting married for months. The major impediment we kept circling around was that we didn't want a wedding.

On “Marrying Down”

A Practical Wedding has a post by a woman named Rachel who talks about dealing with a thing you wouldn't think was a thing anymore except of course it is for some people: being a woman and marrying someone who is less educated than you, and/or makes a lot less money.

My Wife and I Fought About Money, So We Created a System to Fix It

The first year of our marriage, my wife and I fought about money all the time. Her shoulders raised in defense whenever I tried to talk about her debt, and I became passive-aggressive when asking about purchases I was seeing in our joint checking account. So we decided to figure out how to fix this.

A Married Couple Discuss Tipping And Also The Probability That It Will Lead to Their Divorce

Taylor Jenkins Reid ["THE WIFE"] and Alex Reid ["THE HUSBAND"] are married. To each other.

Midaevil Code of Faithfulness

Amelia Earhart's prenuptial agreement written to George P. Putnam is pretty awesome.

Correlating Poverty With Marriage Distracts From the Actual Problems Driving Poverty

Ari Fleischer wrote an editorial in The Wall Street Journal earlier this week suggesting that income inequality could be fought through marriage. The week before, Emily Badger had a piece in Atlantic Cities arguing precisely why this line of thinking is ill-conceived. Margaret Simms, a fellow at the Urban Institute and director of its Low-Income Working Families Project points out an obvious flaw: "You cannot solve poverty by just marrying people if – jointly – they cannot generate sufficient income to raise a family above poverty."

How an American Earns a Living in Turkey

I make 78,000 Turkish lira per year, which was around $40,000. With the exchange rate now, it's closer to $39,000.

First Gay Marriage Green Card! That Was Fast! Good Job Great Job!

"An American man in Florida and his husband, who is from Bulgaria, have become the first same-sex married couple to be approved for a permanent resident visa, an immigration milestone that comes after the Supreme Court struck down a federal law against same-sex marriage." (The Bulgarian husband previously stayed in the country on a student visa by getting three master's degree$.)

Marrying Up But Not Giving Up

A month into my relationship with the man that would become my husband, the stock market was crashing.