Updates on Jay Z, Gwyneth Paltrow, Starbucks, and Legal Weed

Gwyneth Paltrow did not complete her SNAP Challenge, Jay Z is calling Tidal users, and more.

Colorado Residents Did Not Consume Enough Legal Weed in 2014

I live in Seattle, where marijuana is both legal and prevalent enough that A) my apartment building perpetually smells like weed and B) earlier last year, stores “periodically closed” when they sold out of marijuana.

Colorado residents also consumed a lot of legal weed last year, but—as Slate reports—not quite enough:

Retail and medical weed generated more than $60 million in tax and licensing revenue for the state in 2014, the lion’s share of which is helping to pay for school construction and the regulatory system that legalization requires. Opponents looking to nitpick can—and do—point to the fact that the total is a far cry from the $100 million windfall that state officials predicted at the start of last year.

To be fair, Slate describes Colorado’s legal weed industry as a “sweeping success,” but what I see here is a call to action for the citizens of Boulder, Denver, and everywhere in between:

Smoke more weed. We expected you to consume nearly twice as much weed as you did, and you disappointed us.

The Economics of a Part-time Drug Dealer

Jeff Winkler: So you’re a drug dealer? Part-time Drug Dealer: Yes. [Sound of his lighter flicking]. Jeff: What do you sell? PTDD: [Blows smoke] Marijuana.