Special Friday Billfold Book Club Session: Mallory Ortberg’s ‘North and South’

Last year, the Billfold Book Club read “North and South.” Now, Mallory Ortberg’s written her own version of the story.

Putting Your Money Where Your Apology Is

Handler further apologized and has pledged to match donations to We Need Diverse Books for 24 hours up to $100,000.

How The Toast Does Money

Gotta lay out all of my biases right away: The Toast has paid me to write stuff for them, I’m active in their comments section, and when the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival (at which I’m performing in November) asked me to list my heroes as part of a Proust Questionnaire, I immediately said “Roxane Gay, Nicole Cliffe, Mallory Ortberg, Caitlin Moran.”

So we’re all clear that I am ridiculously biased here, right?

On to how The Toast does money.

O Africa

Student Loans Could Use Some Rebranding

“Years of despair.”

The Deli Person’s Mistake

I look at the deli sticker that the woman who apportioned them out had placed on them and realized she missed a decimal point and charged me for four POUNDS of chicken wings—not four chicken wings.

The Universe Gave Me Another Smartphone And I Totally Deserved It

Mallory got a phone, phinally.

Apt Observations About Trader Joe’s

The Universe Gave Me a Smartphone, And Then the Universe Took It Away

Mallory had a smartphone, but it wasn’t meant to be.