In the Car Service Wars, Lyft Annexes Starbucks and Uber Captures Ice Cream

Uber has claimed ice cream as its personal territory, and Lyft has annexed Starbucks for fuel.

Where Do Uber and Lyft Drivers Get Their Cars? They Rent Them From Another Startup

Breeze rents cars to ride-share drivers. Or, as they put it: “Breeze empowers job seekers by handing them keys to cars optimized for use in today’s on-demand ecosystem.”

Using One of Those Newfangled Car Apps When Your Dad’s a Cabbie

Melissa Chandler’s essay for the Bold Italic, “My Dad’s a Cabbie But Sometimes I Use Lyft” is both lovely and has lots of great cabbie stories (win-win).

I Give Strangers Rides, They Give Me Money

I drive people around and it’s working out fine.