How Important Is It To Love Your Living Situation?

MIKE: "I like my apartment, but I don't love it." ESTER: "Have you ever loved an apartment?"

A Conversation About Power, Sex, and Money

A discussion: What is it that happens with money in relationships? I’ve seen it with my parents, with friends: with the exception of infidelity, no one thing has wrenched apart more couples than money, and the value judgments, petty arguments, and power struggles that come with it.

It’s Time To Monetize This Relationship

While dating may engender feelings of self-worth, emotional stability and existential meaning, everyone has, at one time or another, looked at their relationship and asked: How do I make some money off of this?

WWYD: Porn Star BF Asks Porn Star GF to Quit Work Because Love

We are all worse at managing our own romantic lives -- and occasionally our professional choices -- than Miley Cyrus is at getting dressed.

How to Lose All Your Money in Vegas Without Gambling A Dime

1. Decide to go to Las Vegas. Don’t base this decision on careful planning and saving, but on the fact that your little sister has a bomb-ass job that results in her getting you a free hotel room at Mandalay Bay for three nights ($0!).

The Cost of Love

I asked some Billfold pals if they had ever spent too much money on love. They had.

Love in the Time of Consumer Debt

"He put all their bills on plastic and became the architect of the five digit consumer debt that defined his twenties."