The 25-Year-Old Former Wedding Photographer in Charge of Lonely Planet

Outside’s $1 Tipping Rule

How do know what the tipping rules are when you’re in another country?

Money and Tourists

We journey on a bus toward the Thailand-Cambodia border. The sun is setting and the road is getting bumpier by the minute. All the Thai people empty out of the bus. It’s now just me and my travel companion, Matt. We had read up about crossing the border, and about all the scams and possible issues we might come across. According to the Lonely Planet guide, Poipet is notorious for scams.

This Is How You’re Supposed to Travel

Four years ago, Billfold pal Jodi Ettenberg quit her job as a lawyer and bought a one-way ticket to Chile. She has been roaming the globe every since, and gives a lot of really terrific advice on how to travel on a budget on her blog, Legal Nomads.