Better(ish) Living With Roommates

I have only lived alone once, and it was not by choice. When I was a senior in college, my boyfriend broke up with me over the phone from San Diego, saddling me with a lovely studio apartment with an eat-in kitchen, lots of sun, and a rent payment that I couldn’t really afford. I paid my rent using a loan that I am still most likely paying off, and spent a lot of that long winter marooned on my bed eating frozen grapes and watching the Food Network, since I refused to cancel the expensive cable. I lived there for the whole year, alone, but was too sulky to appreciate what I had.

Living Alone

Mike: Nicole, earlier this week, Ester wrote about what’s it worth for us to live alone. You and I live alone in our respective cities. Want to talk about how that happened?

What Is It Worth To Us To Live Alone

Normals are prioritizing their alone time, regardless of the cost.

The Dead Guy in Your Apartment Building, and Other Lessons in Living Alone

After an entire young-adulthood spent in shared city townhomes with shared kitchens in which to blame messes on other people, you will move into your own apartment. Here are the things you learn, ever so abruptly.

What Percentage of Your Pay Do You Spend on Rent?

Jumping off from my previous WWYD column, I woke up this morning to find a bunch of messages on Twitter from some fine folks discussing what percentage of their income they spend on rent.

How I Negotiated My Rent in San Francisco

I called my brother and told him I was thinking about living alone. “Really?” he responded. “I mean, I would never want to live alone, but I guess some people like it.”

Why I Live Alone (A Roommate Story)

I once had a roommate who was terrible.

The Media is Obsessed with People Who Live Alone

I live alone. It was a decision I made last year, because I could afford to do it, and also because sometimes you just want to live by yourself.