An Unreasonably Frugal Person Tries to Figure It Out

I used to be an unreasonably frugal. What were once rational, economically efficient decisions—limiting "impulse purchases" to the change at the bottom of my bag—became, on the aggregate, absurd.

Is There Anyone on Earth With As Much Debt As Me?

Thanks to my grandparents, I finished undergrad with zero debt. But then I went to grad school and got two degrees. One is a law degree (quite useful), the other is basically a conversation piece. (My boss: “Did you actually earn that degree, or did you buy the diploma on eBay?”) For these, I have just over $239,000 in student loan debt, down from the approximately $253,000 I started with.

I have a lot of feelings about my debt. Mostly I am ashamed that I complain about it. Because as huge as it is, my personal privilege is correspondingly huge. I didn’t waste my money. I bought myself a present and now I am paying for it by leveraging the present—I have a job! And my job is REALLY GOOD. My job makes even my ludicrous debt totally manageable with money to spare to live comfortably. So I am ashamed that I feel the burden at all when compared to what so most people face, I live in the penthouse at Number One Easy Street. And yet I still bitch and moan.

How I’m Going to Law School for Free

I’m a law student entering my second year of law school and I am attending on a full scholarship, which is saving me from accumulating about $110,000 in debt.

‘I Set Out to Get as Many Scholarships as Possible’

How did you pay for your education, H.G.?