Marian Call Creates a Kickstarter Formula to Keep You In the Black

The fc/tf formula stands for “fulfillment cost as percentage of total funding.” This is where a lot of people run into problems: they create Kickstarter rewards that cost so much to fulfill that they don’t have money left over to do their project.

Getting Funded While Female

Olen advises women to swagger more, even if we have to fake it; be more resilient and less dispirited by the word “no”; and make use of our networks.

Kickstarter’s New Motto: Kaveat Emptor

An Interview with Leanne Brown, Author of the (Free) $4 a Day SNAP Cookbook

Leanne Brown is a Canadian-born NYU food studies graduate whose masters’ project was Good and Cheap, a free PDF cookbook for food stamp budgets ($4/day). She posted the PDF on her website, and it was downloaded over 100,000 times after being discovered by Reddit. Now, she’s launched a Kickstarter to print the book so she can get copies to people in need, and she’s already well past its initial $10,000 goal. I recently talked to her about cooking on limited incomes, food studies, her experience with Kickstarter, and more.

The Dregs of My Kickstarter Campaign

Movie Investing for Those With Deep Pockets

What Kind of Tech Company is Kickstarter?

Well, as their former copywriter I could tell you in about 1000 different ways and at varying lengths and tone of voice, but that would be insane and probably unethical. Nevertheless, Kickstarter hit a big milestone this week: a billion dollars have been pledged to projects. From there, it isn’t hard to figure out how much revenue they’ve made, and Quartz is on it:

Justin Bieber Crowdfunds His Next Album

I’m Justin Bieber, and I think it’d be sweet it if y’all paid for me to record my next album.

Wanna Be Kickstartin’ Something

Mike: Logan, did you contribute to that Kickstarter project that was going to fund the next Veronica Mars movie?