The Cost of Buying a Washer/Dryer from Sears Outlet When Six (then Seven) Months Pregnant

My husband and I are expecting our first child next February. To mark this rite of passage, as well as the white hot second when we considered cloth diapers, we decided to order our very first washer and dryer. Since every conversation around raising a child in New York City ends with nervous laughter about financial ruin, I went online to There, if you don’t mind a few dings on a former floor model, or a returned Maytag Maxima XL, they’ll offer “20%-75% off regular retail prices on appliances and more!”

What’s Your Financial Outlook This Year?

Are you feeling good about your financial outlook this year?

Places I’ve Lived: From Millionaire’s Row to a Closet, A Love Story

I made $80 a week, plus board, at my first job after college. We lived four to a room in the servants quarters of the Astor family home on Millionaire’s Row in Newport, R.I., and portrayed the Astor family and their domestics.