A Wal-Mart Manager Talks About His Experience

Earlier this month, the Times reported that President Obama was seeking to expand overtime pay to millions of workers including “fast-food managers, loan officers, computer technicians and others whom many businesses currently classify as ‘executive or professional’ employees to avoid paying them overtime.”

Here is a Check for $0 And Also You Owe Me Rent

Low Low Prices, Low Low Wages

The Future of Labor (Not Good)

Dispatch from the Walmart Convention

Josh Eidelson attended Wamart’s shareholers’ meeting in Arkansas over the weekend. Great fun! Superb cast! Hugh Jackman was there and Tom Cruise and Jennifer Hudson! Oh and also some OUR Walmart protesers. Here’s one: “They said Walmart’s going to donate a million dinners for American people that are hungry, and they’re going to bring them to their local food bank. And the saddest thing is that their associates are going to be going to those same food banks to get that food.

Meanwhile in Bentonville

Josh Eidelson is in Bentonville, Arkansas covering OUR Walmart’s visit to Walmart HQ during its weeklong strike after earlier demonstrators were met with retaliation. Love this interaction in a Walmart museum between the blue shirts (Walmart employees in town for a Walmart meeting) and the green shirts (OUR Walmart members).

Walmart Workers Go on ‘Prolonged Strikes’

According to The Nation Walmart workers across the country have decided to go on prolonged strikes today—the first time in the company’s history. Our pal Josh Eidelson is closely following the story.

Labor Labor Labor

Josh Eidelson was on Talk of the Nation earlier this week talking labor. If you are like me and can’t get enough of Josh Eidelson, listen or read the transcript. Good convo great convo learned some things.

Big Day for Labor Good Job Great Job

Josh Eidelson and Sarah Jaffe Give Good Podcast

Josh Eidelson and Sarah Jaffe’s new podcast for Dissent debuted Friday