My Day Interviewing For The Service Economy Startup From Hell

I interviewed at Handybook in July 2013. My temp job had just ended and I was desperate for a steady job, and was relieved and excited when I got an email from Handy scheduling me for a phone interview.

Read This Guide to Interview Clothes And Feel A Modicum of Control Over Your Destiny

How (Some) Women Dress For Work

As workplaces get more casual overall, not just with regard to clothing, fewer and fewer things are codified, and more is left up to judgment. Just because there are no rules doesn’t mean there aren’t (wildly varying and complicated) expectations, and often unspoken consequences. It’s nice to be treated like a human and not be condescended to in that way, but people aren’t born knowing some of this shit, either.

Homeless Woman Arrested For Leaving Kids In Her Car During Job Interview

Well, this is very sad:

Shanesha Taylor, a woman from Scottsdale, Arizona, is homeless. So when she got asked to come in for a job interview last Thursday, she must have been excited by the prospect. But when you’re homeless, there isn’t always an easy way to take an hour off from watching your kids to be at an interview. That’s how Taylor, 35, wound up losing her children to Child Protective Service — and losing out on the potential job.

Oh, the Quirky Job Interview Question

The Narcissist Gets the Job

Be confident in your abilities, but don’t be a jerk about it.

Bizarre Job Interviews

What’s the most bizarre job interview you’ve ever been on?

Interview Techniques (As of Yet Unsuccessful)

“My thoughts drifted to past interviews. The time I made a joke about hair plugs to a man with hair plugs. My brief chat with the grisly manager of a motorcycle bar. The putty grin of a Cutco representative.”

The Hustle of a Percussionist in Boston

Having a dream sucks.

Man Skips Job Interview to Save Baby

Here’s a good reason to miss a job interview.