Job of the Day: Drake’s Vocal Coach

Oh lord almighty, Jia interviewed Drake's vocal coach about what her job is like and how she came into it and it is amazing. Dionne Osborne is her name and she is a middle-aged white lady who urges Drake not to drink so much and took him to a WalMart in the middle of Kansas to buy a humidifier. It is, as Dionne will be the first to point out, the coolest job in the world: "I get to help people find their voice. What could be cooler? What could be more personal? Your voice is you."

Raising Twin Girls, and Building a Future in a New Home

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How We Should Think About MFA Programs

We are made to believe that MFA programs can’t teach writing, only life can teach writing. But that is not the case.

The Annotated “Bills, Bills, Bills”

At first we started out real cool1 Taking me places I ain’t never been2 But now, you’re getting comfortable Ain’t doing those things you did no more You’re slowly making me pay for things Your money should be handling3 1 According to online apocrypha, Beyoncé acquired her first boyfriend, Lyndell Locke, at age 12. “It was puppy love,” said Locke, now a chef in Houston, in a rare interview in 2009. “I would take her to the movies, or we would eat out. Normal things teenagers do.” 2 As Beyoncé was 16 when she co-wrote “Bills, Bills, Bills,” this line might mean “R-rated movies,” etc. 3 Today, 80% of women and 70% of men state that they desire a financially (and otherwise) egalitarian relationship, although only around 23% of women state that they feel prepared to make major financial decisions.


And now you ask to use my car4 4 Beyoncé did not learn how to drive until 2010, when Jay-Z taught her.

Drive it all day and don’t fill up the tank5 5 Four years before she learned how to drive, Jay-Z bought Beyoncé a 1959 Rolls Royce (est. value $1 million) for her 26th birthday. Filling up a 1959 Rolls Royce in Manhattan would cost around $81.

And you have the audacity To even come and step to me Ask to hold some money from me Until you get your check next week6

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The Love Song of the Banana With Dreadlocks

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Shark Tank Is Literally the Best Show on Television

SHARK ATTACK! Welcome to Shark Tank, literally the best show on television.