The Cost Of Things: Putting A Ring On It, Man-Style

Whereas women get to — and, sometimes, are expected to — wear all sorts of jewelry, wedding rings are one of the few ornaments men often feel comfortable wearing. Luckily, the options for men’s rings have broadened well beyond “14K gold band bought in haste from the corner store.”

It’s Engagement Season! Does Your Ring Come At A Heinous Cost?

Uninterested in narrative? More of a #STEM major? Get a diamond grown in a lab!

On Being An OK Person In An Age of Personal Brands

How are you expected to behave, once you’ve started to reap the fruits of your self-branding labors? What are the rules?

One Ring To Rule Them All … And Bind Them

1) what do we owe our friends and family in exchange for an unprompted, generous expression of goodwill; and 2) how important are engagement rings to a proposal, anyway?

From Librarian to Small Business Owner: A Chat with The Written Nerd’s Emma McElfresh

In 2009, Emma McElfresh opened her first Etsy shop while working as a librarian for a private boarding school. McElfresh’s second shop, The Written Nerd, was born when she started to repurpose old library catalog cards into jewelry—which sold very quickly.