Community College Now Free in Tennessee

Starting in Fall 2015, all high school graduates in the state of Tennessee now qualify for free in-state tuition at two-year colleges across the state. via Inside Higher Ed

A College Rankings System Tied to Federal Funding

In an effort to get feedback on President Obama's plans to develop a federal college ratings system, the Education Department hosted the first in a series of public forums yesterday at California State University Dominguez Hills.

The President Swears There is Nothing Wrong With an Art History Degree

On a trip to Wisconsin this week to talk about his proposal to revitalize American manufacturing, President Obama took a little swipe at art history majors.

President Obama’s New College-Ranking System

President Obama is starting a two-day bus tour of college campuses today to talk about his proposal for making colleges more affordable. The gist of the proposal is a new college rankings system based on metrics like graduation rates and earnings of graduates and tying financial aid to the best performing colleges.

Hang in There, Humanities Majors

Inside Higher Ed breaks down a new report from the Association of American Colleges and Universities that comes bearing good news: liberal arts majors may take a bit longer to find well-paid jobs, by the time they're (we're!) in our 50's we make on average more money than people who studied in professional or pre-professional fields.

When Parents Pay/Don’t Pay for Their Kids’ College Education

Over at Inside Higher Ed, Scott Jaschik reports on a study showing that college students who have their parents generously pay for their educations get lower grades than those who pay for their own educations.