How Networking Can Work

I’ve had the most success with informational interviews by treating them as regular conversations.

Things to Think About Before Pursuing Grad School

This summer, I lived with a revolving cast of roommates, one of whom was going to go to law school in September. One night, my roommate mentioned that he was going to go through law school so he could “meet the right people,” and then he said he’d apply to med school because that was his real passion. I may have choked a bit when he said that. I was in college for seven years because I did a master’s program in English literature, followed by a Master of Library and Information Studies.

Embarrassing Things I’ve Done When Looking for Work 

You have phone interviews where you hope the interviewer can’t tell by the sound of your voice that you’re not wearing pants. I’ve been there and have made mistakes so that you don’t have to.

Getting An Actual Date and Time Down is Crucial When Networking

I know the onus is entirely upon me to pursue an informational interview with this man; it’s just that figuring out how to politely pick his brain is proving a challenge. I tend to be reserved and to way over-think things; please help me figure out how to smoothly and tactfully request a career chat with this guy. — K.G.

Informational Interviews Are Great: Addendum

Okay asking strangers to coffee is fine.