What Happened to the Money Given to Haiti After the 2010 Earthquake?

his Sunday marks the fourth anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Haiti, and it’s unclear what happened to the billions of donated dollars given towards relief efforts.

Win the Lottery, Keep Your Job

Winning $3.8 million is certainly enough to buy a new house, but is it enough to quit your job? What about $10 million? According to a new Gallup poll, 68 percent of American workers said they’d continue working even if they won $10 million in a lottery.

Making the Best of What I’ve Got

In 2012, I learned a lot more about value than I did about money—the value of my family, the value of friendship, and the value of making the best of what you’ve got.

No Papers, No Leases, No Aid

How immigrants are faring after the storm.

Sandy’s Secret Santa

A mysterious and wealthy good Samaritan visited the most devastated regions hit by Sandy and started handing out $100 bills!

Rebuilding After the Storm

A coastal community like The Rockaways would certainly be vulnerable when the next one comes around. How much sense does it make to rebuild everything?

Friday Estimate

What are your estimates? Staying in in preparation for Thanksgiving the following week? Spending a ton of money because of Thanksgiving next week? Let’s have a good weekend.

Things Saved, Things Thrown Away

Times reporter Michael Winerip has a really nice post about what he tried to save when flood waters from Sandy began rushing into his home in Long Beach.

Junk Bonds Great Investment Opportunity (For the Neighborhood)

How a restaurant is raising money after the hurricane.

Sandy, the U.S. Economy, the Election, and “Our Portfolios”

Lastly, the call concluded with: “There are no actionable changes to clients portfolio.” No need to do anything with our portfolios, you guys. Sandy didn’t do a thing to them!