Why Women In The Workforce Don’t Excel & How Boston Is Trying To Help

Boston is offering free, two-hour salary negotiation classes to every woman who works in the city.

“Please, Sir, I Want Some More”: Friday Chatting About Negotiation

The theory is that if you agree to someone else’s needs now, then your needs will take on more weight in future discussions. This works with sibling relationships. It does not so much work in adult relationships, including professional ones.

Be Grateful. But Don’t Let Them Use That Against You.

“You should be grateful for the opportunity and the exposure that we are offering you.”

Move To Indianapolis, Ask For Raises In Dec, & More Ways To Make $$$ At Work

Lead with the dollar figure, followed by your explanation for why you deserve it, and not the other way around.

Is It OK To Lie About Your Salary History: A Friday Chat

My friend, also a nice writer-type woman, had been told that “of course” she should lie in an upcoming salary negotiation, and she was surprised to receive that advice.

HR Is Not Your Friend, But It Can Be A Good Sparring Partner

Never stop job-hunting, “especially after you land a new job,” because “the company sees you as a recently acquired risk.”

How to Negotiate That Job Offer

By my count, in the last five years, I have negotiated around three dozen job offers.