The Trouble With the Simple Solution to Homelessness

When you look at all the solutions together it would, actually, be very simple to end homelessness. It's when you look at the logistical problems of each individual solution that you realize it isn't that simple at all.

Amazon And The Seasonal Worker

I think the title of this Guardian article speaks for itself: Homeless and working for Amazon: the trap of the seasonal job cycle. To be fair, Amazon is very upfront that they rely on a seasonal workforce, mostly because: Christmas.

Addressing Homelessness in a Way that Works

Gawker's Hamilton Nolan has a very good profile of George McDonald and the DOE Fund, a New York nonprofit that has proven itself to be particularly effective when it comes to putting an end to homelessness.

Heartbreaking Story About Homelessness in San Francisco

The myth of the "good poor" kills me, the idea that people should have to point to their accomplishments and credentials to make clear that they don't deserve to have to live on the street. No one should have to live on the street.

Homeless Woman Arrested For Leaving Kids In Her Car During Job Interview

Well, this is very sad:
Shanesha Taylor, a woman from Scottsdale, Arizona, is homeless. So when she got asked to come in for a job interview last Thursday, she must have been excited by the prospect. But when you’re homeless, there isn’t always an easy way to take an hour off from watching your kids to be at an interview. That’s how Taylor, 35, wound up losing her children to Child Protective Service — and losing out on the potential job.

Stand-Out College Essays About Money

When one reads the stand-out college essays about money printed in the New York Times, one has the overwhelming feeling that every one of these applicants better get into the college of his or her choice. If there is any justice in the world, admissions officers at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and — interesting outlier here — Butler University will recognize how much talent is in front of them in the form of four very thoughtful seniors willing to engage with fraught subjects ranging from masculinity to homelessness, thrift store shopping to working part time at McDonald’s:

I felt guilty for thinking the life that I was living and the things I had weren’t enough and began to realize just how lucky I really am. I was born on third base in life, and most of the people I’ve met at McDonald’s are starting at home plate with two strikes and have very little chance of scoring a run in life, let alone winning the game. I understand now that for many, it is hard enough just to survive, let alone save up for an education that costs tens of thousands of dollars per year. … In life, it is really easy to get caught up in your own bubble and never really look outside of it. My time at McDonald’s has made me see the world in a completely different way.

My favorite is the controlled fire of Viviana Andazola Marquez.

Help Out Clean-up

Here is link to a Kickstarter project that I think is really different and wonderful. "They Call Me Clean-up" is a project for a book that will be written by a homeless man named James. His street name is Clean-up because he is very often sweeping the Oakland neighborhood he lives in.