Which Avengers Got A-List Paychecks?

Quick: which Avenger do you think got paid the most for appearing in Avengers: Age of Ultron?

Please God Can We Stop Using Guns To Sell Things

There are guns in ads everywhere you look. Not ads for guns, per se, but ads that glamorize guns, that offer them as tempting solutions to the problem of other people.

How a Hollywood Art Director Does Money

“I work for an average of three shows a year. Last year I had a total of about eight weeks in between shows. Some people just collect unemployment between shows, but I am lucky enough to have a side gig that hires me back whenever I am available. It pays about $1,300 a week, so it’s way better than the $450 a week that you get in California for unemployment.”

The Gender Pay Gap Goes All The Way To the Top

Even Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams aren’t immune from the 77-cents-on-the-dollar thing.

Job of the Day: Stuntman, Best Boy, Gaffer, Grip

Chatting with a Writer-Producer of ’90s TV

Working with Dick was kind of surreal — he kept asking me things on the set like “Is this funny?” and I’d nod like an idiot. I mean, who am I to tell Dick van Dyke something he came up with wasn’t funny?

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