It’s Not Just “Small-Business Saturday.” Now It’s “Civilized Saturday” Too.

Get pampered.

Shopping With Moms & What To Do When They Say “Just Try It?”: A Friday Chat

When shopping with Mom, stay as far from the body as possible. Coats great! Bras bad.

A Holiday Fashion Question of the Day

Do you put a little extra effort and cash towards your own appearance—or towards your kids’ appearance—during the holiday season?

Remember When Halloween Was Free(ish)?

It seemed like there was nothing we couldn’t do with red lipstick and a glue gun, but a trip to the Halloween costume store reveals those days are long gone.

Christmas Tree Grave-Robbing in a Mercedes

I’ve always wondered how much those things set you back. $50 a tree? $100? What is Christmas magic worth?

The Cheapest Generation Goes Generous for the Holidays

we miserly Millennials are having spendy holiday seasons

Holiday Shopping Check-In: Chatting about Progress and Perfect Gifts

How’s your holiday shopping going?

Holiday Shopping Stories

It had never occurred to me that the box could be empty. I mean, I was barely six years old; the idea that you could accidentally carry home an empty box instead of a gyroscope just wasn’t part of my worldview.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Gift Ideas

if you do feel like splurging, there are some legitimately adorable or impressive things on the GOOP list, like the Penny Skateboard ($74) and the Light + Ladder Air Plant holders ($150).

Gift Ideas for Just About Anyone You Know

It’s just a few days after Thanksgiving, and we’re already deep in the season of the holiday gift guide. Every year, I read just about all of them out of equal parts sick fascination and sheer desperation re: my own lack of ideas. I marvel at all the collections of grilling accessories and floral scarves and feel like an alien because, seriously, who wants that stuff? For him, we have electronic bacon gum. For her, how about bath salts made from real human tears? No?