The Cost Of A Constructive Hobby: Knitting My Own Sweaters

$25 an hour for 80.5 hours of work is $2012.50. If I were to be paid for my labor, this sweater would be stupidly expensive.

The Cost Of A Comic Book Hobby

According to Comixology, I have bought over 482 comic books in the past five years. This of course doesn’t include the 13 physical trade volumes I have in my library at my home, which brings the total to 495.

The Cost of Becoming Interested in Fencing as an Adult

When I first started fencing, I imagined the only gear I’d need is a cutlass, some of those thigh-high leather boots sported by Errol Flynn in Captain Blood, and a chandelier full of candles to show my enemies how sharp my weapon is. Who would have thought fencing is a full contact, anaerobic sport that requires an ocean of protective gear?

The Cost of Things: Staying Sane By Riding Horses In NYC

Horses connect me to my personal and collective past and I think without them I would die a sad, slow, urban death.

How to Enjoy Being Bad at Something

The basics of how to enjoy being bad are simple: Pick an activity you enjoy doing for fun but are pretty bad at, and laugh when you mess up.

Money That I May As Well Have Put In the Trash, Burned, Made Confetti Of, Etc.

$130 to visit a boyfriend at his college in Virginia. I spent hours on a bus imagining how great it was going to be to see him, only to spend a week being largely ignored. He broke up with me a few weeks later via AIM.

Hobbies Are Expensive (Fine by Me, Like I Care)

Hobbies I can’t afford and don’t care to, and hobbies I can’t afford but would enjoy, probably.