How I Got My Job: Assistant Producer for an NPR Game Show

So there’s a lot that I do. We have three different modes of production: pre-show, during show, and post-show. And it changes from month to month, week to week.

Judging What We Don’t Know: The Intangible Value of Status Symbols

If you, like Errol Louis, have trouble comprehending the logic behind a “not-filthy-rich” person buying a $2,500 purse because you would never want that yourself, I’ll put it into language you can understand.

How I Got My Job: Senior Associate at a Public Relations Firm

I work in digital analytics at a large public relations firm in Washington.

Started from the Bottom and Now We’re Here

I was convinced that my possession of a job—any job—was nothing short of a stroke of phenomenal luck. What I discovered, though, was that there was apparently a Secret Job Finding Society in Washington, and that its members included everyone in the city but me.

How I Got My Job: Program Analyst at the Federal Aviation Administration

So I started by doing a semester in D.C., and I was involved with an internship program for Asian Americans, and one of the openings was in the Civil Rights office of the Department of Transportation.