An NFL Hall-of-Famer Who Pays His Own Bills

Economists, Reporters Discuss the Most Important Economic Stories of 2013

Some People Might Make A Lot Of Twitter Money Today

Twitter IPO’d! Which means that early Twitter employees and investors are probably going to make mad bank, and the rest of us get to speculate about What It All Means without really knowing what we’re talking about — my favorite pastime!

Do I Need to Be Worried About The Default? Y/N

I’ve decided that we don’t need to be worried because it just feels better, not to be worried. Also, there is nothing we can do about it (besides yell at our elected officials to get it together). Just stay on our toes. Be agile. Retain flexibility.

Heidi Moore Says Wall Street Getting Its Reckoning, Let’s Believe Her, Feels Good

The Housing Recovery Is an ~Illusion~

Some Things About Those Jobs Numbers Today

On the first Friday of every month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics release their monthly jobs reports. Media organizations who cover business and economics love to talk about the numbers, and since everyone else covers it, I tend to stay out of it and for other reasons too. Here’s the report for today

Heidi Moore Continues to Be Great at Analogy, Everything

“Wall Street is not so much like a haunted Victorian mansion as a quiet, creeping fungus right where you live: it grows fast and takes root everywhere, silently.”

Thanks to Heidi Moore Markets Are Now Totally Understandable, I ‘Get’ Them, Piece of Cake

Heidi Moore explains how markets work.

Explaining the Sequester

Multiple attempts to explain the sequester.